What's That You're Doing? (No.3/Vol.5)


Hello and welcome to the April issue of
'What's That You're Doing?'

Buckle up everyone — it's been a busy month as Paul's 'One On One' tour is all tuned up and back out on the road! Just over a week ago, Paul was welcomed in the most incredible way in Japan. If you haven't seen the exciting scenes yet, you can check them out in the video below:

All this past week Paul has been taking Tokyo by storm playing packed out shows at the legendary Budokan and three nights at Tokyo Dome. After rehearsals for the Budokan show Paul did a really fun Q&A answering fan questions with the LINE LIVE platform. Watch the LINE fan Q&A HERE!

PaulMcCartney.com have also been in town covering the shows on Instagram, livestreaming songs from the Budokan, and documenting the whole week with their Stories feature. Find Paul on Instagram by clicking HERE!

On the other side of the world, Paul has also announced a huge string of summer dates in the US. Check out the full 'One On One' tour itinerary by clicking HERE! And watch a new video of Paul and his band during their recent rehearsals for the tour below:

...and below is a video taking us behind-the-scenes at Paul's Budokan show!

In other news, Paul has been celebrating April Fools Day, Passover, Easter and Record Store Day (did any of you find a copy of Paul and Elvis Costello's cassette?). Paul also took time out of his busy schedule to remember two very close friends on St. George's Day: Georges Harrison and Martin.

And on the subject of our two favourite Georges, this month saw The Beatles announcing the reissue of their iconic album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album features a brand new mix by Giles Martin, George's son. PaulMcCartney.com have been lucky enough to hear this new mix and we can promise you this: it'll knock your socks off — everything sounds so clear! Find out the details of The Beatles reissue by clicking HERE!

We've still been having fun with the recently reissued Flowers In The Dirt album, launching a new feature allowing you to hear the progression from the demos to the final studio release. Check out 'That Demo Is Done' by clicking HERE! We also announced the winner of the colouring in competition. See the winning colouring in entries by clicking HERE!

Mother's Day for us here in London was back in March, but we understand that several of our friends around the world celebrate this coming month. Let's be honest, any day is a good day to celebrate our Mums! So if you'd like to find something nice for your Mum, check out the offers at the PaulMcCartney.com merch store by clicking HERE!

And finally, with Paul heading to Tokyo with his 'One On One' tour we thought what better time to have a Japan-themed 'You Gave Me The Answer'. Find out some of Paul's favourite things about Japan by clicking HERE! (And keep an eye out for a very special Sgt. Pepper issue of 'You Gave Me The Answer' in May!)

All the best!