What's That You're Doing? (No.7/Vol.4)


Hello and welcome to the PaulMcCartney.com newsletter for July

We kicked off the month by announcing the winners of our Pure McCartney fan art competition, which was no easy task! We showed Paul our favourites and he asked us to pass on his thanks for the enormous amount of time you spent by taking part, and to congratulate each of the winners.
Check out the winning entries HERE

Paul's 'One On One' tour continued by passing through Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Boston, Hershey and Hamilton this month plus a headline performance at Summerfest Music Festival in Milwaukee! And if you've been unable to get to a show you can still share the experience by watching a new 360-degree video of the crowd dancing in unison as Paul performs 'Live And Let Die' in Buenos Aires.

Paul McCartney - 'One On One' with Buenos Aires in 360

We love sharing Paul's activities with you online, but we're also fortunate enough to have publicist Stuart Bell on hand to document those juicy behind-the-scenes stories! Catch up with all the action in his latest blog, including Brad Pitt's appearance at Paul's 'Mastertapes' interview for BBC Radio 4!
Read publicist Stuart Bell's blog HERE

For Whom The Bell Tells: 2016 Touring - Part One

We released two final instalments from Paul's series of virtual reality documentaries which highlight songs from Pure McCartney. This month Paul released 'Mull of Kintyre' where he tells us about falling in love with Scotland again through Linda's eyes. We love this film! It's a great opportunity to watch Paul (try to!) play the bagpipes...and hear his Scottish accent!

The fifth and final installment of the series sees Paul take us behind-the-scenes of 'My Valentine', explaining how the opportunity arose for him to direct Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp in the music video for the love song.

The film gives us a rare peak inside Paul's home studio, accompanying himself on a Wurlitzer electric piano as he recalls writing the song during a rainy holiday in Morroco using the piano in the hotel lobby...on Valentine's Day!
Watch all five virtual reality documentaries HERE

Pure McCartney VR

We ended the month on a real high with Paul being named the UK's most successful albums act of all time! Paul has racked up an impressive 22 Number 1 albums across his illustrious career as a member of The Beatles (15 Number 1s), Wings (2 Number 1s), solo projects (4 Number 1s) and his work with Linda (1), to become the most prolific chart topper in history. Watch Paul accept his award in the video below:

Paul McCartney - UK’s most successful albums act of all time

And finally, in this month's 'You Gave Me The Answer', we took the opportunity to ask Paul if his relationship to his songs ever changes over time.
Read Paul's answer HERE

All the best!