What's That You're Doing? (No.6 / Vol.2)

Hello and welcome to the PaulMcCartney.com newsletter for June.

You may remember we recently asked you to help us create a fan video for Paul’s song ‘Save Us’. We were so happy to receive thousands of entries, and such creative ones too! This month we published the final video which you can see by clicking HERE! Paul loves the video so if your entry didn’t make the cut this time keep checking the website, we’ve got a feeling we’ll be making another one in the near future…

June saw Paul confirm an additional date on his forthcoming summer tour of the USA. He will play Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro (NC) on October 30th. Check out the video of Paul talking about the tour below:

And speaking of the ‘Out There’ tour we published two more behind–the–scenes videos from Paul’s recent trip to Latin America. To watch the video from Quito, Ecuador click HERE! To watch the video from San José, Costa Rica click HERE! Or, why not check out the full ‘Out There’ YouTube video playlist collecting together all the videos (there are now over 30 of them!) from the tour by clicking HERE!

To celebrate the fifth birthday of Meat Free Monday (and with it being summer here in the UK!) Paul’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ for June was about his tips for the perfect Meat Free BBQ. Want to find out what Paul likes to grill? Find out by clicking HERE!

PaulMcCartney.com was invited to talk about Paul’s work with the Japanese–based messaging app LINE at this year’s Primavera Pro festival in Barcelona. If you’d like to take a look behind the website's curtain and find out why we decided to work with LINE then click HERE!

All the best!