What’s That You’re Doing? (No.5 / Vol.2)

Hello and welcome to the PaulMcCartney.com newsletter for May!

Paul introduced us to a new friend this month. Newman is the star of his brand NEW music video for the song ‘Appreciate’. Paul explained Newman to us by saying, “I woke up one morning with an image in my head of me standing with a large robot…” Read the rest of Paul’s quote HERE! and watch the music video by clicking HERE!

Paul joined the game LINE PLAY this month. LINE PLAY is an avatar community for smartphones that allows the user to create their own customisable character. Read more on this story by clicking HERE! Or download LINE PLAY by clicking HERE!

Paul’s publicist Stuart Bell has published the latest update to his blog ‘For Whom The Bell Tells’. Stuart tells us about life on the road with Paul during the recent Latin America tour. Read all the behind–the–scenes news by clicking HERE!

Have you visited PaulMcCartney.com this month? If you have, you will have noticed that now we are NEW! At the beginning of May we updated the website having changed the technology that runs it. We’ve also added a few new functions such as an ‘On This Day’ calendar. We won’t list all the changes here - the best way to discover them is by checking out what we’ve been up to by clicking HERE!

You may also have heard that Paul unfortunately had to postpone his dates in Japan and South Korea this month. We’d like to assure you that Paul is doing fine and he was extremely moved by all the messages from fans around the world. More info will follow on those dates, so please keep checking PaulMcCartney.com.

All the best!


PS – Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Save Us’ fan video, which will be coming your way very soon! (It looks awesome!)